Those Pesky

dust bunnies

Are they friend or foe?

Here's The Scoop

Did you know that you have a bonanza of great little critters right there in your own home? It’s true! While you have been slavishly indulging in the lost art of home cleaning, you could be reaping the rewards of leaving it alone. The trick is to not let the bunnies talk you into taking out that mop.

Of course, to start with you have to show those little dust bunnies just who the boss is around here. Sure, they are cute hiding under that sofa. You might even consider them your friends because they love to come visit when guests show up. But if you are firm with them, you can tame them and make them your dust bunny slaves.

Turn Them Into Cash

Care and Feeding

Most folks believe that dust bunnies don't need anything but neglect to thrive. While that may seen to be true on the surface of things, don't believe it for a minute. To get truly beautiful fluffy dust bunnies that will be your pride and joy you need to care for them. Feed them a little cat or dog fur, even if you have to steal it from the neighbor, you can be sure they won't mind. This will encourage your dust bunnies and help them get big and strong.

Selling the Fur

Of course, it all comes down to what you can sell that dust bunny for on the open market. Artists often love to buy the more colorful dust bunnies for collages. If you know someone who is an artist, ask them if they can use them. Knitters are notorious for constantly searching for new and exciting material to knit. Local knitters might pay good money for the right dust bunny fur.

Silly Idea - Or is it?

So take another look at your home cleaning duties. Don't waste any more of your precious time mopping those floors or sweeping behind the door of that closet. Encourage those little dust bunnies to grow into big ones, and then sell them off to the highest bidder. Who needs to eat off of a floor anyways?